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Health XL

Health XL is specialised in superfoods (highly nutritious foods that are beneficial to health and well-being), living/raw foods (not heated above 42°C), optimal health and the superhero lifestyle that goes with it. We deliver the highest quality products that help people to take their health to the next level, and feel better than ever. The food products were selected because of their high nutrient density. Other categories of products help people to cleanse the body or to support its self-healing properties. They help people not only with their physical but also with their mental health.

All our products are (beyond) organic, natural and 'rawfood' quality. That is, during processing, minimal or no heating was generated, which keeps enzymes, micronutrients and flavour components in their original, most active state. Our products are also gluten, lactose and soy free. Most products are also suitable for vegans.

Besides food, herbs and supplements you can also find some kitchen tools that support a super healthy lifestyle, and information in the form of books and DVDs.

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The range of products is ever expanding and changing as we constantly seek the best products on the market today, so you can feel the best ever, every day of your life. We base our approach on the latest knowledge available about natural health and optimal wellness. We share this knowledge with our customers.

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Katarina De Vos
CEO Health XL